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Custom Todo filters



I would like to ask you about Test Rail Todo page. Is it possible to build some custom filters? I would like to filter the Todo list selecting multiple users from the list (the currently available options are: Me/All/None) and use this selection multiple times but it is not saved by TR. The only related information I’ve found was mentioned here: Feature Request: Use Groups to filter Users in the Todos but I guess that this would add a user group to the selectable list? Is it planned to implement some custom filters in the future releases?



Hi Emilia,

Thank you for your post. The Me/All/None options you are seeing simply reference the list of users that TestRail displays in the right hand column. You can select multiple users in this menu to see specific todo items. You can also filter based on status and custom fields that you may have included. That being said, we are always interested in adding new functionality that helps our customers be even more efficient in their testing efforts. We would be happy to look into adding additional filtering options to the todo list for a future release.