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Custom text field for test result missing in reports



I want to get a report with test case results including also information from a custom (results) text field.
Is there a way to get this?

In the report settings drop down to select which fields to include (in all reports I have checked), this field is not available to select at all.

I’m still quite new to TestRail so quite possibly I have just not found the correct report setting…

Grateful for feedback on this, thanks!



Hi Malte!

The reports under the Reports tab currently just list compact fields such as dropdowns, string fields etc. as it would be difficult to show all details for large fields. But we are happy to review this. If you just want to have a full list of test cases with all details and steps, you can also open a test run, use the print view (via the print icon in TestRail’s toolbar), switch to Detailed view and use your browser print feature to save a PDF file.

I hope this helps!