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Custom Test Case Field not showing in Test Run/Suite overview columns


I have a custom field within the Test Cases fields.
It’s defined as “These options apply to all projects”.

Now, when changing to the “Test Runs & Results” Tab and then to one Testplan and Testsuite in there, there is the column overview.

The custom field will not show up in the dropdown window to select the columns.
I can only selct from the (custom) restult fields (?).



Thanks for your posting. Test case custom fields are also available for the test tables on the test run pages except when they are of type ‘Text’ or ‘Steps’. Is the custom field in question of type Text or Steps?


How to visualize on screen Custom Fields of type Text (for test results)

yes, it’s a text field…works for other field types.

thx for your update


You are welcome! If your data fits into a String field (maximum of 250 characters) I would recommend using a String custom field instead as this can be displayed directly in the tables on the overview pages.