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Custom Template that will allow to have 2 sets of steps in one test case



Could someone please help with UI script that will allow to have custom template for test cases? Basically, our product works on iOS and Android, and sometimes steps slightly differ between platforms. One of ideas is to have 1 test case but with two sets of steps, for example:

Step 1: Expected Result 1
Step 2: Expected Result 2

Step 1: Expected Result 1
Step 2: Expected Result 2

We tried to have two separate test cases, but it adds more complexity to managing this. just wondering if it’s even possible to make this with UI scripting.


Hi Evgeniy,

Thanks for your posting! You can only add one separate step field per case (across all templates) and we would recommend adding additional details to the steps themselves if the steps require additional context details per platform or a slightly different content.