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Custom Statuses determine the result of the case status


System statuses such as Fail when added as a result to an individual step, determine the overall status of the case. How can I get this functionality in custom statuses such as one like “Known Failure.”

When my testers mark a particular step as a Known Failure, they have to mark the case’s status as Known Failure as well. Whereas if they mark a step as Regression (renamed system “Fail”) the entire case is marked as Regression.


Hi Jamie,

Thank you for posting! TestRail would currently use the option that is ordered first in the list of statuses under Administration > Customizations as the default overall status when adding a new result.

Only the selecting the ‘Failed’ system status for an individual test step would override the overall status when adding a new result. This functionality to override the overall status is only included for the ‘Failed’ system status at the moment but we are happy to review adding support for this functionality with other statuses in a future update.

We have received this request before so I have added your vote to the feature request for this. That said, we don’t have a specific timeframe/ETA to provide for this yet.