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Custom Result Fields in Reports


How can I add my custom Result Fields into Reports in TestTrail?

My company has various hardware/software/back-end systems which are tested in various combinations and I require knowledge of what surrounding system versions were active when I look at the reports.

A non-company specific example would be if my software version is v1.1, and have test results against IE8, IE9, IE10 I want the IE version information in my report.

I should also note that using “configurations” is not an option - my configurations are hardware platforms, and my surrounding systems vary separately from the item directly under test and will only be known at the time a given test case is executed.


Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your posting. Most reports allow you to add additional case and test/result columns to the tables (usually on the Cases or Tests tab when you create a report). Could you please let me know which report you refer to? I assume the IE version is a custom field on the test result level, is this correct? Also, which custom field type do you use for this field?



The report I am running is “Comparison for Cases (Results)”.

Under the Test Cases tab in the Report Options section you can add columns from “Case Fields”, not “Result Fields”. In my example the IE version would be the custom field. In reality, I would have multiple fields other dependent systems.


Thanks for the update, Kevin. The Comparison for Cases report uses the cases as base entity and this report doesn’t support additional test or result columns in the tables. But you can always click on the test result/status in the respective test run column to jump to the test/result and see all test details.

I hope this helps!



We cannot even filter test result by customized result fields when create result report, turn out almost all build in reports are USELESS at all to us. I would recommended potential Testrail buyers to notice this.