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Custom Reports with metrics of bugs over time


Hello Everyone!

Im new in this community so nice to meet you so nice to meet you all!

I would like to know if it is possible to generate a report where i include different testruns to get a metric of results over time, to check if the developers code tend to be more or less buggy and get also the passed % as usual.

We just got Jira and we are going to get the integration plug in soon, i think its possible with the plug in but i wanted to be sure by asking you guys.

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:


Hi Alfonso,

Thank you for your post. You may want to look into one of our coverage reports as these will give you most of what you are looking for. The Status Tops report may also yield some of the information you are looking. If one of these does not give you everything that you are looking for however, it is always possible to export your test run data and run your own custom reports against the data.

Hopefully this works for you.


Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Where can i check these coverage reports? I’ve continued searching ways to do what i wrote above, the comparison for cases report seems ok, but i cant pick testruns from different suites.

In my case, i created a different test suite for each different sprint, so i cant create a report comparing the previous sprints since they are separated (but in the same dashboard)

Thanks again!


Hey Alfonso,

What may work much better for you is to use Milestones to represent your sprints. When you break your tests up into separate test suites, it becomes difficult to do things like what you are trying to do. Instead we actually recommend using a single repository and then breaking up your test cases into functional areas using sections and subsections. This actually makes it much easier to run reports against your tests as well as start new test runs.

The coverage report you can try is found under the Reports tab in the Cases section: Coverage for References