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Custom Reports to show Cases that are already passed in a milestone


I want to have a view of all cases within a Milestone that have failed and passed. If a case has passed even if there was a previous fail then it should be marked as pass.


Hello Jay,

Thanks for your posting! I would recommend looking into the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab in this case:

The idea would be to select all runs of the milestone and the report would then generate a report with the results per case across the test runs. You can either select the runs manually or simply use a milestone filter on the Sections & Test Runs tab using the “The test runs that match the following filter” option. You can either include all runs in the report or focus on the latest/most recent (significant) result via the Latest/Coverage column on the right and you can also omit the run-specific columns if this is is too overwhelming and includes too many test runs.

I hope this helps!