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Custom Reports questions

A couple questions concerning custom reports…

First, are there any restraints when it comes to custom reports? So, are all the features still available that are available for the built in reports? i.e. graphs, charts, etc…basically just trying to figure if there is anything that we wont be able to take advantage of when using custom reports.

Second, Building a custom report seems like a lot of work, so what other options do we have? I know using the API is an option, but can someone provide an example of how this could be done? Or maybe some documentation that helps with this? Are there any other alternative ways to do custom reports?


Hi Bradley,

First of all, welcome to the TestRail community.

I understand that you want to know more about how to create a custom report.

TestRail currently does not provide customization services. However I have provided a link to learning how to create custom report integration. The link explains the basic structure of custom reports, how to integrate them into your installation and best practices. Please note that this document assumes basic knowledge of PHP, SQL as well as web development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Implementing custom reports requires experience with all of the above technologies.We have published the sample code on how to write custom report plugins and this is available here:

Please share this documentation with you developers and work on the customization efforts. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


thanks for the response…is there any documentation or do you have any examples of how to retrieve a report using the API?

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@Haymitch Please check out the link shared by @BGanger.

@BGanger @shanu.mandot thank you both for the input. Is is possible to request custom reports through the API, not just request reports that are already defined? If so, is there any documentation or examples of this? thanks