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Custom Reports - a couple of questions


I’m implementing some custom reports based on the states of a few custom fields that apply to Test Suites.

I’m wondering what the valid value for the test suite ‘type’ are in the ‘milestone_stats.php’ file. So far I can see:

‘type’ => ‘project’,
‘type’ => ‘milestone’,

Also - do you have an example of how to use the charts / graphs from custom reports?



Hello Glenn,

Thanks for your posting. Could you please share a few more details about automation_progress.php? Is this a custom report/controller? It would be great if you could share a bit more code to see the entire context (e.g. the entire controller method). You can also send this via email to

Regarding the charts/graphs: we don’t currently have examples for this unfortunately. That said, we use a standard third-party control (open flash chart) that has its own documentation and examples which should help you getting started quickly:

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.



Sorry Tobias - I forgot that I had changed the name of the file while starting the implementation!

I was looking at the example custom report you guys provided on your website - in the app\arguments\custom\milestone_stats.php file.

Thanks for the information on the charts - should be enough to make a start :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, Glenn. This is the current list (TestRail 2.6) of supported types for the argument files:

attachment, attachment_id, case, case_id, case_type, case_type_id, config, config_id, config_group, config_group_id, export, export_id, field, field_id, milestone, milestone_id, project, project_id, role, role_id, run, run_id, plan, plan_id, priority, priority_id, uiscript, uiscript_id, user, user_id, section, section_id, suite, suite_id, test, test_id, test_change, test_change_id

I hope this helps!



Thanks! That’s exactly what I was after :slight_smile:


FYI - I managed to get this working, without the charting (too much time would be required to figure this out by myself at this stage).

I made a new tab using a UI Script that links to the report which works well - but is there a way to highlight the tab when it has been clicked? Currently, the Overview tab is highlighted.


Thanks for the update and good to hear that the report works well. To mark a tab as selected, you can simply add an additional UI script that is only active for your report page (e.g. ‘includes: ^custom/…’) and then attach the ‘selected’ CSS class to your tab, e.g:

[code]name: Select a custom report tab
author: Gurock Software
version: 1.0
includes: ^custom/…

(document).ready( function() { if ((’#projectsLink’).length > 0)
('#mainMenu ul li a').removeClass('selected'); (’#mainMenu ul li:eq(6) a’).addClass(‘selected’);

(this selects the sixth tab)

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.



Perfect, thanks :slight_smile: