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Custom Report - Test Run with list of defects from Jira



we are currently looking for a summary test run report which include a list or table with defects as reported to Jira.
Is it possible to create or customize such a report? If so, what do we have to do to create such a report with Jira information available?

The Jira fields I’m interested in is:
Issue Type

Best regards


Hi Roar,

Thank you for your post. TestRail would not be able to provide all of the information that you are wanting as we do not actually store any information from JIRA in the TestRail database. That being said, it would be possible to use the TestRail API along with the JIRA API to combine information in your local environment. This would also allow you to run custom reports against your data.

I would recommend taking a look at this.

In the mean time, you can run a Defects Summary or Defects Summary for References report to get most of the information that you are wanting minus the specific JIRA information outside of the defect/reference IDs.

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team