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Custom Report - Subsections



In designing tests we are using subsections extensively.

I would like to create a report that will show me a run results that are grouped by sections or subsections. I haven’t found a way to do so and I’d appreciate some assistance :slight_smile:



Hello Nir,

Thanks for your posting. It’s currently not supported to view the statistics per section but it’s already planned to look into this. Do you usually create test runs for all sections or just a few sections? Since a test run always shows the statistics for the current case selection, this would automatically limit the statistics to the selected sections as well.



Hi Tobias,

Thank you for the quick reply. We usually (actually always) create test runs for all sections - i.e. for the entire suite, since we execute it as a whole. So the workaround you suggested won’t work for us.

In terms of reporting, we must have the capability creating statistics per section.

Is there another workaround you can think of? Otherwise, do you have this feature on your roadmap? Is there a date in the future we can expect this feature to be implemented?

Thanks again,


Hello Nir,

Thanks for your reply and the additional details. We don’t currently have an expected release date for this but it’s already planned to look into this. The next version of TestRail (4.0, available this month) will introduce a new single-suite mode (per project) and emphasizes the usage of sections over using test suites to structure your test cases. We plan to look into adding additional section-based features (such as statistics per section) as an additional step for a future version.



Bumping this old topic as it mentions exactly what I’m looking for.

What is the status of statistics per section? I don’t see any way to to this currently.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your posting and feedback! It’s planned to add such a report as part of a larger report-related update and I’m happy to add another vote this feature request.




I would also like to see a report that groups test cases by subsections. When we were using Test Manager we could generate a report that would group the results of the test cases by the subsections. My manager loved it for his weekly meetings. Now that we migrated to TestRail I have to figure out how to present the same data. Here is a picture of the report that I was generating out of Test manager.


Hi John!

Thanks for your posting. The next version of TestRail will show section-based live statistics on the test run page and this should already help. It’s also planned to look into a section-based report for a version after the next one and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. Thanks again for your feedback!



What’s the time frame for the next version?


Hello John,

Thanks for your reply. The next version will be TestRail 5.0 and the current plan is to make it available this quarter. This is still subject to change of course depending on the final scope but things are looking good.

I hope this helps!



+1 for this request.

Will the report show the percent completion for each section of the test suite? This would be the type of report we are looking for, as each section represents a different function (Compliance, Mechanical, Environmental, etc.), and we have a need to report weekly on each function’s completion rate.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your feedback. The next version won’t include a dedicated report for this but will add group statistics directly to the test run page. This will look similar to:

(the popup opens when hovering over the status bar for a group)

A dedicated report is planned for one of the versions after the upcoming 5.0.



Is there any further news on this feature?

We are looking to move to Testrail, but one of the custom reports we currently have on Quality Center shows stats by functional test area. In Testrail evaluation we’ve found the best way to structure our release tests is to create a run for each release, but this means the various functional areas are held in sections rather than individual runs.

We really need to be able to report daily stats by section as requested above. This can be achieved in a slightly awkward fashion by exporting the run into Excel and manipulating the data there, but this isn’t something we want to be doing long term.

A simple report of the various statuses broken down into section/sub-section would be extremely useful and it’s a shame this is currently not available.



Thanks for your posting. We don’t have an update at this point but this feature is high on our feature request list, happy to add another vote. If you are using the single-suite mode for your projects (the default), you can also use the Results > Comparison for Cases reports from the Reports tab to create reports with section filters so you wouldn’t necessarily need to create separate test runs (just separate reports). You can also automate the scheduling/creation of the reports using the report scheduling features (so you wouldn’t need to create them manually over and over again):



Hi there, we are just using Test Rail for the 1st time and have subsections for our test cases We would really like to be able to report on the subsections, do you know when this feature will be added ?


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your posting. You can already find the per-section statistics on the run page as shown in the screenshot above:

A section based report for the Reports tab is also planned but we currently don’t have a time frame/estimate for this feature. Happy to add another vote to this feature request and thanks for your feedback!



please add the vote as I think this is a feature we would need in the future. :slight_smile:


On another note it is possible to add estimates to sections instead of adding them to each case. We have 15 sections in our Test Suite some of those have subsections. What we want is to be about to have a burn down chart to however when I imported all 1026 tests over I missed the estimates out and now wondered if I can cheat and put the estimate on the selections so I could say that all the tests in section A would take 2 days. Is this possible or will I have to add them all to each test case ?



Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your feedback! TestRail manages the estimate on a per-case basis. That said, you can simply assign estimates to multiple cases via TestRail’s bulk-edit feature. Simply select multiple cases and choose Edit > Edit Selected above the case tables. You can then the expected average estimate per case and TestRail would apply this to all selected cases.

I hope this helps!



+100 on needing the ability to break down reports by specific sections of a given test suite when in the Use multiple test suites to manage cases Mode.