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Custom Redmine integration


Hi Team,

I’m unsuccessfully trying to add Redmine’s mandatory custom field ‘severity’ to defect plugin using the article:
Could you please add a similar example for Redmine’s custom field to this article?
It would help me.

P. S. I use Redmine version 3.4.2


Hey there,

Thanks for the post! Taking a look at my own Redmine integration it looks like Severity may be a custom field for your instance, which will require a bit of additional customization in the defect plugin you’re creating. We will explore adding additional details and examples for Redmine in the article you mentioned, but for now there is another forum post that may have the information you’re looking for. You can check out the forum post here, but the main thing to note is the response indicating they needed to create a custom array, with the example below:

$custom_fields_array = array();
array_push($custom_fields_array, array(‘id’ => 56 ,‘value’ => $options[‘version’]));
$issue->custom_fields = $custom_fields_array;

I hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out to the support team at for additional assistance if you have any further questions.