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Custom ordering of Test Cases - Suggestion


When creating a test plan, the order of which the test cases are displayed matches the order set in the Test Suites and Cases section.

This is not entirely desirable if you want to create a very specific test plan / script, such as a smoke test which aims to cover the main functionality of a product in the smallest amount of time as possible.

My suggestion is that as well as allowing the user to specify the order of Test Suites, but also allow the user to specify the order in which the test cases are ran within the test suite (drag and drop when selecting test cases etc).

Another benefit of this is that within the section of adding a test result, you could select “Next” to move to the next Test Case in the List, rather than relying the user to go back a page then add another test result.

A possible work around is to pre-order the test cases when managing the test suites, but test suites are like a library of tests. If you ordered your test suite to match a test plan, then another test plan which follows a completely different order of tests would not work.


Hello David,

Thanks for the suggestion. We have been thinking about allowing you to override the Priority field for tests and making it easier to show/sort columns for test runs (and basically all other grids/tables in TestRail). Would this also be a valid way to accomplish this for you?

It would basically work like this: you start a new test run and include just the cases you need for the smoke test (already possible today). Instead of using the standard priorities, you would override the case priorities for the run. The user would then be able to sort the tests on the run page by priority.

On a unrelated side note: we already plan to include next/previous links for tests in the future (most likely in the next update). We hope this will make it easier to work through tests without going back to the overview pages.



Allowing you to sort by priority sounds logical.

Its also good to hear about the previous / next implementation. :slight_smile:

I would still like an implementation to allow ordering of test cases within a test suite. Even if this did take some time when initially setting up the test plan, because once you can rerun a test plan the order would be retained.

The workaround I see is that, obviously you don’t have to execute the tests in the order that is presented to you.


Hello David,

We will definitely consider adding custom test ordering for test runs in a future release. Thanks again for the suggestions, we appreciate it.