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Custom Logo - TestRail Header

I understand that in TestRail 6.1 we can use UI scripts to customize the logo in the TestRail header. Can someone provide an example UI script doing this?


Hi @ijames - sure, here’s an example script (courtesy of @dloder):

name: modify header logo
description: modifies the Testrail logo in the header
author: Gurock Software
version: 1.0

$(function() {
		$("#top-logo img").attr("src","<your image address goes here>");


Many thanks! Works perfectly.

Hi Simon,

Will this work with TestRail Cloud version?
If yes, could you please let me know how I could do it?


of course it does.

Go to Adminstration --> Customizations --> Add UI Script

Excellent. Thanks.
Another Q: The place holder “”, where is the best place I could put our logo?

Just to test it, I tried c:\user\public\logo\mylogo.jpg; but nothing happened.


Try it as a UNC path to the logo…

i assume for the cloud version it must be an web accessible file - so i used simply the one from our webpage.