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Custom Grouping in Test Runs & Results



I am new to test rails, and currently migrating from a previous testing system that shale remain unnamed. I am looking for a way to have a custom grouping of Test Runs. Based on the forum search I did, I think the answer is ‘Not at this time’, but that forum discussion (like many) trail off to other related topics.

Is there a feature request that would allow me to group Test Runs, or even better a parent-child hierarchy of test runs.


Milestone ABC:
Regression Test 1 <-- Parent Test Run

  • Proj1 test <-- Child Test Run
  • Proj2 test
  • Proj3 test

Focused test 2

  • Proj3 test - blah blah
  • Proj7 test - blah blah

These would all be under the same milestone of the over all project.

Or should I just have sub-milestones of the main milestone?

Sorry if this is a topic that I am beating into the ground, just trying to change my viewpoint from 9 years of a different system.



Hi Bill,

Thanks for your posting. To group related test runs and give them a bit more structure we can recommend using milestones or test plans. Milestones are a better fit for managing larger versions or releases whereas plans can also used to manage sprints or iterations (and can also be assigned to milestones themselves). Plans can also be used to test against multiple environments or what TestRail calls configurations: