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Custom fields ordering of Options



We have a multi-select custom field added in, which has a number of options which are stored as the following list:

We have test cases that have used this field and populated one of the values as relevant.
Say Test Case 1 : optB

Now, I tried re-arranging the field value options to:

What has happened in this case, is that custom field value for Test Case 1 changed from optB to optC - persisting the serial number of the option, rather than the actual option value.

So the above way of ordering does not work.

Is there a way to re-order the options without mixing up values in our current test cases?


Hello Fatima,

Thanks for your posting. The first part of the configuration is the ID and independent of the ordering. The ID is used to map values as part of test cases or results to their respective custom field value (e.g. 1 -> “optD”). So, when you change the IDs as part of the configuration, this would have the effect you’ve seen for your test cases.

The order, on the other hand, is simply determined by the order in the configuration list and you can simply change the order as follows (important: keeping the same IDs):

2,optB 3,optC 1,optD



Thank you. That should work.


That’s great to hear and please let us know in case you have any further questions!