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Custom Fields not working?


Hi all, I created two custom fields (one of type checkbox and type text)

they show in the “case field” list within the admin screen, but when creating/editing a test case, they don’t appear…

I am running a trial of the software and would like to put custom fields as checkbox values for multiple browsers (e.g. IE6/7/8 and Firefox) and allow a tester to tick which browsers the test case was tested on.

I’ve added a screenshot if it helps!

Thanks guys!


Hello Mark,

please make sure to assign the custom fields to your projects. When you add/edit a custom field in the administration area, there’s a ‘Add Projects & Options’ link that opens a new dialog in which you can assign your custom field to projects and set some additional options. Once you’ve done this, the fields should appear in the case form.

Tip: I would suggest adding your custom fields to test results instead of test cases since your fields are meant to be used when executing a test as I understand it. Custom fields for test results are displayed on the following Add Result dialog (the screenshots are taken from the tour, hence the numbers):

Another alternative would be to use a test plan and configurations (for each browser you want to test against) like in the following screenshot:

Adding a test plan can be done on the Test Runs & Results tab.

Just let me know in case you have any further questions.