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Custom fields not appearing for assigned template


I’m not sure where I’m going wrong or if I’m misunderstanding templates entirely. I created a template that I have applied to a specific project. I also have custom cases that I have applied to this template. When I go to create a test case for my project, the custom cases are not showing.
Also, there are specific case fields that I do not want in my project so I have applied them to the default template. My project is not assigned the default template and yet these cases still appear. Am I going wrong somewhere?


Hi Joanna,

Thank you for your post and details. The basic flow of how objects relate to each other is as such:

Project —> Fields
|----> Template

By default TestRail will apply all fields to the default template. If you have fields that you do not want in your specific template, you will want to make sure that you edit each field and specify only the projects they should apply to as by default they will apply to all projects.

Templates will automatically apply and be available to all projects. When you create a test case you would simply make sure you are selecting the correct template.

Can you take a screenshot of the configuration one of the fields you do not want to show up and a screenshot of the settings for a field you do want to show up and attach them to this post? i.e., the projects they are set to show up in.


Thanks for responding. As it happens I hadn’t noticed the Template field in the test case (probably because I never needed to before now). My custom template is available for selection in this drop down and things are working as expected. Thank you for your time =)


Hi Joanna,

Thanks for the update, and glad all is working again! Just let us know in case there’s anything else we can assist with.