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Custom Fields for Milestones


It would be great if custom fields would be available for milestones as well.


Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for your posting. What fields are you looking for to add? You can already add additional details to the description field (also in a structured format using TestRail’s rich-text formatting):



Custom Fields would be great for Milestones and new Test Suites. One thing for Test Suites I would love to add, is the ability to associate a Test Suite to a Milestone so that way we can make it so a Milestone is automatically associated with the Test Cases created in said Suite.


@tgurock: It would be great to have such cusom fields like for results, …
The background of it is, we want to read this values easily via the API



Hi Zach,

Thanks for your feedback. You can already use the bulk-edit feature for this but I understand that a milestone field on the suite level would make this easier to manage. Thanks for your feedback!



Hi Jonathan,

Thanks! Can you provide an example for this? I’m asking as you can already add additional details to the milestone description, for example.



Hi Tobias,

an example is a Ticket ID (which is not related to a specific testcase) or priority.
If I have just one value the description area is fine, if it is more than one value the effort is higher to extract the needed informations.




Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the additional details. You can alternatively also add such tickets to the section description if they apply to multiple cases (in a section). In general, we can recommend using the References and Defects field to track tickets and issues and this is the best way to generate reports or integrate with other tools such as JIRA, for example.



@jonathan.becker You could setup a part in the description that would be set up a standard way so you could easily parse all the additional information.

i.e. - Let the QA/Whomever add whatever details they want at the beginning of the description. But, at the bottom of the description do something like

-> Data Point 1: Blah
-> Data Point 2: Blah Blah
-> Data Point 3: Blah Blah Blah


Yes, this looks like a good approach, thanks for the suggestion, Zach!



I’ll give it a try next time!


Where can I add information for example for test environment? I think Miletsone/Release would be the right place for it. And it would be nice, if this is a custom field, that i can evaluate it by getting the info by testrail API.