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Custom fields and priorities in Test Suite view


One thing I would like to see very soon is the ability to display the test priority or a custom field in the display when you are looking at all of the tests in a Test Suite. Right now it’s very difficult for us to figure out which ones are high/low/med without assigning them and using the ToDo list. Maybe I am missing a way to do this…

Also, it would be nice to be able to display a custom field - i.e. we might start tagging cases with a source such as Customer, Field, etc. and would want to see the entire Test Suite with that info in the list so we can make better decisions about what to include/exclude in a Test Run.


Hi Steve,

I agree that this is needed and we definitely want to have this feature in one of the next releases (for both built-in fields as well as for custom fields). Unfortunately I’m unable to tell when this will be available, as we are currently working a on ‘technology refresh’ for TestRail and are still working on the upcoming roadmap. I will make sure to publish our next roadmap as soon as it’s ready.



Sounds good - this would be great to have soon, but I understand about existing roadmap functionality and commitments.

Can you elaborate on what the technology refresh will be? Sounds interesting!


Hi Steve,

Thanks for understanding! We are basically rewriting parts of the base framework we are using. This will allow us to better support Unicode characters and will also allow us to add new features to TestRail faster.

While the framework we’ve been using is quite good, having a specialized framework just for TestRail will have many advantages for us in the long run and allows us to control 100% of the code.



Hi folks,

any updates on the subject?
We could really do with some customized fields for other entities but cases.

Many thanks,