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Custom field - Url Link - is it possible to customize the actual Link


I have created a new field from the Url Link custom field to create a traceability to my user story which has been entered in Jira.

I have this URL ->
and this will create a hyperlink with this text “Link”

is it possible to customize that text 'Link" to display the actual Jira ticket i.e the “KAL-132” instead?



Hello Roy,

Thanks for your posting. This is currently not possible but we plan to add additional custom field types that support this scenario. To be more precise, we intend to add a custom field type that is similar to the Defects field of the test results which you are probably familiar with (you can enter an ID and TestRail generates a link for this based on a link/url template). This should do exactly what you are looking for.



Hi Tobias

Yes if the new custom field takes the same bug ticket id as the test result that would be exactly what I was looking for. Awesome!

Thanks again


Hi guys,

Just the thing I’m looking for too! Would be nice with a defect custom field to add to test cases, so that when running/editing, there’s a quick link to issues where user could get more information on why test case is created etc.

Best regards,


Hello Michael,

Yep, it’s already on our list. Please note that you can already add new custom fields to the test case page with the URL (Link) custom field though. E.g. you could add a custom field called “Additional Information” and when you enter an URL for a case, it’s displayed on the case’s page.



Hi guys,

Just to expand upon this topic, I think it be beneficial to add a new markdown entity symbol to quickly reference a bug ID using the info in the Integration in the editor text. Something like “B” for bug or “D” for defect. That would make it possible to do this.

Which, assuming your Defect View URL is “http://your-server/show_bug.cgi?id=%id%”, would produce a link to http://your-server/show_bug.cgi?id=24691


Hello Costa,

Thanks for the suggestion, I agree that this would be useful to have. I’ve added it to our feature request list and we will consider this for a future version.



Is there a way to insert a hyperlink into one of my textboxs in my test case?



Thanks for your feedback. Yes, you can include a link in all text boxes in TestRail. You can either just enter the URL and TestRail will automatically transform this to a clickable link. Or you can use Markdown formatting to specify a link like this:


You can learn more about TestRail’s formatting system by clicking the little help link next to most text boxes.



@dgurock, @tgurock,
hello. What is a current status of this issue? I’m working with version and I want that one of the test result fields was a clickable URL, but with custom visible text.
The best solution for me would be to have a sample of UI script which does this conversion and which I can customize. Field with markup text is not convenient as it’s displayed on the right side of test result.


Hi @SSichynskyi ,

Thanks for the post! Markdown formatting in the ‘comment’ or other text-type result field should allow you to create clickable text as desired. If I am misunderstanding your request, could you send us an email to with additional details and/or screenshots of your expectations for this field?



Hi @jon.reynolds,

thanks for fast answer. As I’ve written, markup text is not a solution for me, as it’s displayed on the right side of the test and I want it to be in the same group as other fields (left side). What other solutions can you propose?

Best Regards,


Hi Sergii,

Thanks for the reply! The fields which are included in the left column of the results display are fields which are guaranteed to be shorter fields, such as URLs, integers, etc. Larger text fields would affect the layout and how the UI is rendered in your browser and are pushed to the right-hand side of the display for this reason.

The recommended workaround to this would be to use a text field in the results, then utilize a UI script to move this field into the left-hand column of the results table. We wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot this script on our end, but using Chrome’s DOM Inspector, I was able to drag & drop the field to display in the left as shown here:


Hope this helps,