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Custom Field - Run Reports?


I have created 2 custom fields in our test results… Software Build and Hardware Build. Both of these are dropdown menus that I have pre-populated with Software and Hardware Builds.

The goal is to goto a Report, select the Software or Hardware Build you want and then have a report showing all test results with either of those selected?

Is this possible to do currently?



Thanks for your posting. This is currently not available as a filter for the reports but you can create a generic Run/Plan/Milestone summary report and display the Software/Hardware Build as additional columns (Tests > Columns on the report form). The same columns can also be displayed on the actual test run pages by the way:

Would this work for you?



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll play with the reporting this afternoon.

How do I set the Columns in the Test Run / Suite window as you suggested?


I’m looking everywhere… I can’t find the area where I can turn on / off or customize the column selections within the Test Run view. Is this something enabled in 3.02?

I was able to generate a report with the two custom fields… that does help indeed in the meantime but certainly need to be able to generate a report on say all testing on a specific custom field in the future.



To configure the columns, please click on the little column icon which can be found on the right in the table header (e.g., above the test case delete icons in the screenshot above).

I hope this helps!