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Custom field: multiple-selection possible?


Is it possible to have a custom field where users can choose more than one value? All I’ve found is the type ‘dropdown’ and it seems there I can always only choose one value.



we don’t currently have a multi-select list custom field type, but we will consider this for a future update. The implement details would not differ a lot from the dropdown field I believe and I see how this could be useful for certain fields.



I was trying to add a multi-selection custom field to allow TestRail sending issues to redmine (in my case the mutli-selection field is mandatory in redmine, so I can’t create an issue from TestRail without providing a value for this field) when I found out in this topic that it wasn’t supported. I see that this topic is quite old now, any change on this subject since ? Any idea on when multi selection custom fields could be supported ?



It is supported now - now sure when but the option is available in 4.1 and I successfully added a multi-select field in 4.2


Thanks @BGanger for chiming in! Yes, we added support for multi-select fields for defect plugin customizations in the past. Specifically we added this to TestRail 2.7 quite some time ago: TestRail 2.7 released


Thank you very much for your answer, I wasn’t aware of this possibility since I hadn’t found any example in the documentation, I’ve managed to implement it now. Just a suggestion but maybe you could add a multiselect field in the custom defect plugin script example.



We will make sure to look into this. Thanks for the suggestion, Sandra!