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Custom field integer type

Hi all

I am trying to use custom field integer type in order to store a hash code for my tests. The code is generated based on test full path and it looks like this: 913464729801070, yet when creating the test it stores only 2147483647 - and I even don’t know where is this coming from…
Is there a limitation of the int value to add or why I can see this value?


Hi @alex.lazarciuc,

I’m just guessing…
We talk about an Integer Type in the DB, which is usually 4 Byte (on MSSQL and MySQL), which has 2147483647 as the MAX_VALUE. Probably they just store the MAX_Value instead of giving you an error message. Your value is IMHO too big for an integer.

I would suggest to use a String to store the value.


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@kwirth Thanks! Will make the changes as per your suggestion.