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Custom Field for Test Results alignment


TestRail Help says:

However, it would appear that this is defined by the “Type” of customisation as I have a Multi-select custom field in my Test Results that I want to appear on the right, but it is appearing on the left despite each of the selectable items being of short length.

Is this correct? If so, could you list which types are deemed “large fields” and which are “small fields”?



Hello Neil,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this depends on the type and is set automatically. Large fields are the following:

]Step Results[/]

All other field types are considered small fields.

The reason for multi-select being a large field is that there are situations where you may select more than just 2-3 values at once (e.g. when used to tag test cases, for example) and this may be problematic if the multi-select control has a limited width.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Thanks for the response Tobias.

I must admit it would be great if the Multi-Select could be treated similar to the Dropdown, but where the multiple selections made were then listed as a column of values. In other words, similar to the way they’re actually displayed in the Multi-Select list before choosing. e.g.


Not sure I’m making sense, but I realise this is more a feature request and probably a fairly minor one at that.

Thanks again for the reply.