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Custom field entries not populating correctly on reports


I have the custom fields for multiple test results on the same test do not populate correctly when generating a report (defect report). The report shows whatever was the latest entry.

For example:
Test result 1, Custom Field entry = “custom string 1”, Defect = 0001
Test result 2, Custom Field entry = “custom string 2”, Defect = 0002

now in the Defect report shows:

Defect ID Test Name Custom Field
0001 custom string 2
0002 custom string 2

Because the Test result 2 is the latest result, it is incorrectly populating the custom field for Defect 0001 in the report


Hello Patrick,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, the report would always show the latest values for any fields you entered for the test. As you can have multiple test results for a test, it would be difficult to display all entered values in the report. This is independent from the defect (and you could have many defects entered for a specific result or test), as the additional fields in the report just show the latest test details here.