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Custom Case Field is not being installed


We’ve tried adding a new custom field to our cases. It looks like it got stuck in the installation process.


Hi Daniel,

Depending on how large your TestRail instance is, it can be normal for custom fields to take longer to create (minutes to an hour). However if you do believe this process is stuck and using TestRail Cloud, please send an email to so we may address this for you.

For TestRail Server, you’ll need to check on the status of the server to ensure it wasn’t a system related issue and that the TestRail background task is running properly. If the field has been stuck for more than a few hours, it’s possible this would need to be cleared from the database, however, please don’t make any changes to your database unless you have a backup and fully understand the changes necessary. The following will help you track down the fields which are stuck.

SELECT * FROM fields WHERE status_id = 3;