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Custom case field change affected displayed values

Hello, I have a multi-select custom case field with a few items, for instance:

1, all
7, more than one
2, A1
11, A2
8, A3
10, B1
5, B2
9, B3
3, C1
4, C2
6, C3

I previously sorted these alphabetically, as above, while keeping the index ID associated with the same string. No issues observed.

Later, I added a large number of additional entries following the above, such as…

12, D1
13, D2
14, D3
…and so on…
150, D139

Once I completed this, I found that some, but not all, entries in my test data base had been changed. For example, all entries with “B1” now have “D1”.

The only other thing I can see is that my labels (above “D139”, etc) are up to 15 characters, and have TAB characters (and SPACE characters) following the labels.

I’m familiar with the requirement to keep the mapping of ID to String, but are the other restrictions on the size and formatting?


In the interest of transparency and for other users that may have similar issues, we are addressing this issue through email in a ticket. For any issues with field customization, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to assist.