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Custom attributes of Test run



Is it possible to create new custom fields/attributes of Test run? I know it is possible to create custom fields for cases and results. What I would like to achieve is custom attribute of the whole test run, such as “environment” which was used for the given run.

One alternative I could use is create “Configuration” - however there can be only one configuration assigned (as far as I know) - I would like to use multiple custom fields.

Is there any other solution that could be used?



Hi Tomas,

Thanks for your post! We would always recommend using Test Plan Configurations when configuring test runs for multiple environment combinations. You would be able to create many configuration combinations and re-use these when needed. This would be with test plans, so this would create multiple test runs for you automatically within a plan when choosing your configuration combinations. You can view how this works on our website if you haven’t seen this yet:

It wouldn’t be possible to add more custom fields for test runs or plans as this is only supported on cases and results currently. Many teams would just add any details that they need directly in the description field and you can also format this e.g. using a table with Markdown:

Hope this helps!



We would also like to have custom fields for test plans.
We don’t want to use Configurations for it. If we want to have a custom field for the whole test plan (let say, it will be “Environment”) that means we want the same value for the whole test plan. Using configs in this case is increasing the list of configs (making it less clear), and doing it unnecessarily − because obviously the value for this specific config will always be the same for all test runs within the test plan.