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Cursor position and ctrl+home


I have noticed that, when I use ctrl+home to go to the top of the log, this does not change the position of the cursor. If I want to use the cursor keys after a ctrl+home I have to click in the console window first. Is there a reason for this behaviour? Personally I’d like the cursor to change position after using any navigation keys.



Hello Gerben,

you are right that Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End don’t work as expected (i.e. as in Explorer), but I will look into it and try to get it integrated into the 1.4 release.

I’m not sure if this change makes it into the 1.4, because SmartInspect 1.4 will be released this week and we are actually already doing the final testing.


Just to let you know, the Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End behavior has been fixed in the just released SmartInspect 1.4 version.