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Cursor jump



My folks have noticed a problem when putting in their test results or comments in and want to add an image within the text.

The image is always inserted at the top of the comment field, rather than the current cursor position. To put it in the proper place within the text, they have to cut and paste the image reference to where it belongs.

We’re running TR v2.7.0.1978 with IE.



Hello Jan,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, I could confirm this on IE. We actually have code in place to insert the text at the current cursor position but apparently there’s an issue with this on IE. We will review this and fix this for one of the next versions. Thanks again for reporting this issue.




We recently installed TR v3.0.1.3030 and in our test environment, it looked like this problem was resolved. Images are being inserted at the current cursor position, rather than being placed at the beginning of the text field.

However, it’s still behaving as before in the production environment.

Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting the production environment or any ideas why the one may be working but not the other?



Hello Jan,

Thanks for the update. We haven’t changed anything in this regard in the new version so I’m not sure why you see a different behavior in the test environment. Do you use the same browser to access both installations? Or could it be that you have some browser plugins (or UI scripts) installed that only affect one of the installations?



We recently upgraded to 5.3 and I see this issue was fixed somewhere along the way. Along with a much improved interface for adding images and attachments in general.

Thank you!


Glad we can help!! :slight_smile: