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Current TestRail DB stats


Just thought I’d post some stats for our current TestRail implementation. It’s been growing very fast as we finalize some very large test plans for a major release.

I expect it to get even larger in the next month as we start testing and recording results.

These results were taken directly from MySQL using phpMyAdmin and listing all of the tables and # of records:

cases - 12,000
case_changes - 1200
runs - 900
sections - 5400
tests - 22,000
test_changes - 2700

I can guess at a couple of these, but I’m not sure what they all exactly are, perhaps one of the dev folks can elaborate :slight_smile:

It would also be great to see other people’s usage just for fun.

Right now this all is being generated/managed by 10 people on my team.


Hi Steve,

Interesting statistics, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: I know that other customers have similar statistics, but we don’t have nearly that impressive numbers for our own tests. :slight_smile: Here’s an explanation for the database entities:

cases: this table stores test cases and test case copies that are generated when you close a run or test plan
case_changes: how many changes were made to test cases (note that this only counts the changes made since version 2.0, as this release introduced the test case history)
runs: one row per test run stored in TestRail (a test plan also counts as a run in the database)
sections: how many sections you use to group test cases in suites
tests: your ‘test case instances’. Ie. if you start a run for a suite of 50 test cases, TestRail creates 50 tests
test_changes: how many test results and comments you added to tests so far