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Current server time


we are using the web solution of Testrail, i.e. we don’t have our own server running Testrail.
Where do I find the current time on the server?
In Administration -> Site Settings I can just select the time zone.
But if I leave the setting to “use server time zone”, where do I see which time this is? Or is there a command (probably via API) to get the current time on the server?


I guess you’re talking about the cloud solution…
Why not simply create an entity like a case and check the creation time afterwards? Available at the entity or in the history. Just a practical approach…

No, there is no dedicated enpoint in the API for it.

Hello @gsch,

Thanks for reaching out! The “Server Time Zone” by default is UTC. One method of retrieving the time is to add a comment to a Test Case Result. The name and time should append there.


thanks for the hints, as a workaround thats ok :+1:

Best regards