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CTRL-C does not allow copying of text


It appears that as of TestRail 4.2 I think, the hotkey CTRL-C no longer allows us to copy text on the page. It opens a new test case.

Is that intended or a bug?

If intended, it might be best to choose a different hotkey since CTRL-C is a universal copying feature.

If bug, will that be fixed in a future release?



This is interesting - I was just testing the keyboard shortcuts and there are no TR specific shortcut keys for Ctrl+C anywhere. In our 4.2 install (self hosted) I can copy/paste all day without any issues.

When in the Suites (Test Suites & Cases screen) the ‘c’ key will open a new case for the Suite. I tried Ctrl+c from there and it did not open a new case.

What browser are you using and which version of 4.2 are you running? 4.2.1 is out though we do not have it loaded yet. If you have a hosted install then you would be on 4.2.1 already.


Hello David,

Thanks for your posting! This was fixed in build 3315 (now uses CTRL-dot instead of CTRL-C) and please download the current version via your customer account (or contact us via email for the link for the current version if you are using a trial currently).

I hope this helps!



Thank everyone for the quick responses!

I will see about updating to the most current version. We have our own install and we’re still on


Thanks, David, sounds good! You can update to the current version (4.2.1) according to the following documentation: