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CSV Upload always creates a New Section in Test Rail



We are using Test Rail in our project.
There’s an issue which we face for the CSV upload.

Whenever we upload the cases for a section which already exists in the TestSuite (using CSV), duplicated section is created with the same name. Hence, it always needs to be cleaned up whenever bulk cases for existing section are uploaded.

Kindly help how can we get rid of this issue?



Hi Bheem,

Thanks for your post! This is the expected behavior as TestRail’s CSV importer wouldn’t identify sections by name as you can have multiple sections with the same name (and this is quite common). You can choose to import to a single specific section using the ‘Import to’ field on the first step of the import process, but this only supports importing to one section and not multiple sections. We would just recommend moving over any test cases afterwards via the drag&drop feature to bring them to their correct sections. Hope this helps!