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CSV import config file mapping wrong


Thanks to TestRail 4.2 I can now import CSV files. :smile:
At the end of the import wizard, i can download the config file, which (at least that is what I understand) contains the information about the field mapping. So i should be able to load this config file at the beginning of the next import.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work :frowning: For some reason the mapping is wrong although I loaded the configfile before the next import. So I have to remap every time I start an import.

Any idea ?


Hi there!

Could you please send us the mapping file to and a screenshot of the mapping when you click to the second wizard page? We are happy to review this then. Also, was this within the same project or a different project? Different projects can have different fields so the mapping might not work in a different project with different fields.



I just sent you an email with all the relevant screenshot an the mapping file.



Thanks! We are reviewing this right now and get back to you via email.