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Crossreferencing "Blocks" & "Blocked by" fields in Testrail?


Hello dear Gurock-Team,

I just started working with testrail, but am an experienced user of Jira, HP ALM and Microsoft Team Foundation Server. I’ll try to explain my request with an example:

Testcase A fails due to a configuration error on the testenvironment, testcases B, C, D and E are blocked if testcase A fails.

I bulk-edit testcases B, C, D and E and set them to “Blocked”. Via commentary i reference testcase A.

Checking each blocked testcase, i can see the failed -> blocking testcase via commentary, but i cannot check which failed testcases potentially block the most testcases.

Is it possible to add a field for similar references, but automatically updating the testcase that’s beeing referenced?

eg: After Setting Testcase B to blocked, i can reference a failed testcase (A) via textfield “Blocked by”. After running B, C, D and E, they each are “Blocked by”: A, whilst testcase A “Blocks”: B, C, D and E.

I know similar Features from Jira, TFS and ALM and it would be great for Setting priorities!
Kind Regards,


Hi Max,

Thanks for your posting. You can look into using a custom field for this and you can add custom fields as follows (e.g. of type String):

Once added, you can add this field to the grids/tables on the test run pages via the Columns button.