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Creating Tests to be used in multiple projects and suites?


I test sites for several clients. All clients have some similarities. so I what I want to do is create a suite of generic test cases to be used in multiple projects. I will use these in multiple different runs on multiple platforms. here is a sample of what I want to do

Generic Test Cases (a common suite of cases that will be used multiple places)

  • Register New Account
  • Forgot Password
  • Sign in Existing account
  • Registered user pay with PayPal
  • Guest user pay with PayPal

Project One The entire project
Basic Acceptance A suite of minor

  • Register New Account A specific test vase

  • Forgot Password A specific test vase

       -  Sign in Existing account     A specific test vase

    Full Site Test A suite with every test possible
    (Has all the tests in Basic and then additional)
    - Guest user pay with PayPal A specific test vase

    Automation A suite
    Site specific tests A suite

Project Two
Basic Acceptance
Full Site Test
Site specific tests A suite

Project Three

I would like to be as efficient as possible. If there is any way to write ONE Register a New Account test and use it over and over again in different suites and projects and runs?

Using may above example the way I have it under Generic Test Cases, the Guest user with PayPal case will not be part of Basic Acceptance but WILL be part of Full Site.

Any suggestions or explanations of what TestRail can do would be appreciated.

  • Wayne Hazle


Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your post! You may want to look into using the test plan configurations feature, as you would be able to use a single test case to create multiple scenarios/environments via configurations. This would only work within the same project that you create this test case, but could still work for your test case execution depending on your requirements. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to share the exact same test case across multiple projects, as each run is tied to it’s corresponding project’s test case repository. You can easily copy test cases from one project to the other though in case you need to have this in separate projects:

You can also learn more about test plan configurations and how this works on our website here:

Hope this helps!