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Creating test runs with different sections


I am relatively new to TestRail and I haven’t been able to find anything within the forums regarding my issue so hopefully this isn’t a repeat. Within our QA dept we are about to start testing our test cases based on the following: 3 different devices (desktop, mobile and Tablet) within 5 different divisions. What I would like to do is to have the separate divisions under each device. In order for me to do this, do I have to create the test suites based on the device and then create the test run by division?



Thanks for your posting. TestRail has a built-in feature for managing multiple environments/configurations with test plans & configurations:

The recommended approach in your case would be to create a configuration with the three devices and another configuration group with your division. When you then create a test plan, you can select the configurations and TestRail would automatically create test runs for each device/division combination:

If the devices do not share a lot of test cases, it can also make sense to use a slightly different concept. For example, instead of using a single case repository/suite and managing devices and divisions via configurations, it can then also make sense to use a different, dedicated test suite per device and only manage the divisions via configurations.

Which solution works best depends a bit on your case repository. For example, if the devices share the same cases or most cases apply to all devices, it’s usually better to use a single case repository/suite for all devices to avoid duplicating cases. You can then use additional ways to group/tag your cases such as the section hierarchy or custom fields (and also use these attributes to filter your case list when creating test runs/plans). If the cases are very different for all three devices, it’s usually a good idea to separate the cases with different test suites.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for the information…I understand what you have said but I still don’t understand WHERE I create the configurations. I have watched your video and I must be missing something.



Thanks for your reply. When you click on the Configurations/Select Configurations button, you should see an Add Group link on the dialog that opens. Configurations can be added via the little plus icon when you hover over a configuration group. If you don’t see this link or the icons, your user account doesn’t have the permissions to add or manage configurations and you would need to ask one of your administrator to look into this:

I hope this helps!



YEs thank you. I ended up doing a little more testing on my own with a different project I created and figured out what I was doing incorrectly. It should be working now.

Thank you for your help.


That’s great to hear and you are welcome :smile: