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Creating Test cases within a project



I’ve been away from Test Rail for close to 6 months so need a little refresher in regard to creating test cases and the user guide doesn’t seem to answer my question (it tells me what I can do but now how to do it). I have a project which is going to involve several applications so when creating the project I select the option for USE MULTIPLE TEST SUITES TO MANAGE CASES. Now when creating the test suite I can call it SUITE A but I also want to be able to have sections within that suite (i.e. SECTION 1). Do I have to create the test case first and then create the sections or vice versa?

Thank you.


Well never mind because i did some experimenting and testing and figured it out.


Hello there,

You can in fact setup your test cases the way you have done it. We found actually that for many projects, having a single test case repository and organizing your test cases via sections and sub sections works better than separating your test cases into different test suites. This makes it easier to start new test runs, filter your test cases and navigate between your tests. Because of this we added additional project options to use different suite modes and e.g. disable test suites for projects.

In regards to what comes first; test cases or sections, you can create your sections and subsections first and then create your test cases in those sections.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: