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Creating "Shared" Steps


I see this feature was first requested in 2011 and still isn’t available. I think this is a very necessary feature in any test case management tool; not having it makes structuring test cases much more difficult.


Thanks for your feedback, @geoffg! It’s definitely still planned to look into this but this is a complex feature to add with all the scenarios and features TestRail already supports so we currently don’t have a time frame or estimate.



thanks but it’s now been nearly six years since this was raised, isn’t it about time it got on the road map?


Our internal roadmap only includes the next 1-2 releases (and even those releases and the features can change) and we prefer short-term plans. We collect all feature requests in an issue tracker and often decide on the next features/releases after a new version was released (we sometimes also plan two subsequent releases in a row). We have a long term vision on how the product should look like in a year or two but mostly focus on the next/upcoming version and getting from the current version to the next one.

I hope this helps!



I too would like to put my vote in for this feature.
Our use case is: Our software has many (7+) areas which share common functionality. We have created several sets of test cases to cover areas of common functionality. Each of the test cases has several steps involved. The test cases are arranged in TestRail using sections for major functional areas.

In order to ensure these “common test cases” are covered for each functional area we are forced to either make copies (which then need to be individually maintained, not practical) or make placeholders referencing the common test cases. If we use the placeholder method it is extremely awkward during Test Runs and does not even allow executing the test steps as we might for most test cases.

We need more than a reference link to a test case. We need something that during test run will substitute the entire test case as if it were copied so we can execute against it. The “copy” should be made at execution time to ensure the most recent version of the test case is referenced. And, of course, test run history should appear as if the test case was actually copied there.

Regarding history, defects, etc. these should be recorded in history of the ‘common test case’ somehow referencing the section/subsection in which the test case was executed.

Thank you.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated! Happy to add another vote to this feature request.



Please stop making excuses. Six years on an obvious value adding feature is just laziness and bad business. Just change the rendered hyperlink to the test case title + TCID [C#] and delight your customers.

This one is beyond strange to me as a customer.

I’ll just leave this here:

IDERA has more than 20,000 successful customer relationships, and we have a history of world-class retention levels emphasizing our commitment to customer success… I strongly believe a successful software company starts with a focus on driving customer success via:

Ease of use – simplified user experience…


Hi Dennis, I think this would help with something that I am trying to do, but I don’t entirely understand your answer above. What I am trying to do is:

  • Create a test case for adding an image to the Background information
  • In one test run, I want to add the image
  • In the next test run, I want to skip adding the image
  •   Alternate the above 2 scenarios in each test run, which means that the tester needs to know what was done in the previous test run

In particular, I don’t understand using a base test case and then linking to it from the preconditions field. Could you provide more details on how to do this?



Hello Sue,

Thanks for the feedback! It wouldn’t be directly possible to have different test runs show/include different details in different runs for the same case. In this situation creating two different test cases and selecting just the relevant test case for a run would be the best approach.



Please add another vote for this feature… I agree with jpettit’s post. If you haven’t added it yet maybe just stop saying you will add it and we can look for alternatives. A link to another test case is not useful.

It may be difficult to add but the cost for my team manually updating hundreds of test cases with similar steps is getting out of hand. It makes this product feel like it was built for startups but not enterprises.



My company is currently evaluating switching over to TestRail and one feature that would be very useful would be shared steps between test cases.

I believe that a feature that I would want is the one described here, but I will explain what we would want for clarity’s sake.

Basically, I would want to put a series of steps that are commonly used into a test case. Then in other test cases, I would be able to call this test case. This would allow a lot of flexibility, especially if a window changes a feature, you only have to update in one test case, as opposed to many test cases.