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Creating Manual Vs Automated report

i am trying to create an automation report of number of manual vs automated cases
I have several test suites and all the cases have the below properties

Type: Other
Automated :Checked/Unchecked
Automation Type: Empty

I would like to create a report based on if all the cases under the test suites , if they have automated flag checked or unchecked . How do i do it . i am using property distribution and grouping the cases by tYPE ,Including all test suites and checking in filter if automated is checked or not

please help at the earliest

We had to work around the limitations in the reporting, so we used the Type field to Separate “Manual Regression” and “Automated Regression”. Then we used exactly the same report you are using the property distribution (cases) separating by Type.

Thank you . I would like to understand how to create these two type flags ? Do i need to have admin rights ? Can you please send me screenshots on how it is done ?
Will be helpful as I am new to testrail usage

Yes you need admin privileges so you can customise the test types available. This is the screen shot of test types. We’ve left most of the default ones there but we could reduce these considerably.