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Creating different "runs" dynamically


Is there a way to dynamically create different “runs” given a set of config_ids using “add_plan”

            "runs": [
                                            "include_all": False,
                                            "case_ids": [64],
                                            "assignedto_id": 1,
                                            "config_ids": [2,3,4,5,14,15,21,22]

// give all the possible config_ids at one time, similar to creating “runs” dynamically from GUI


Hi Chandra,

Thanks for your post! I believe I answered this via email already, but in case you haven’t received it yet, the add_plan and add_plan_entry methods would require that you specify the config_ids that you would like to include for any specific run, and this wouldn’t generate a list of runs with the selected combinations in the same way that the UI would. You can either create a script to handle this programmatically, or use the GUI when generating many test runs via configuration combinations.

Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,
Thank you for your inputs !. Yeah I had received the email.

I have developed the algorithm to generate the list of runs with selected combination. My suggestion would be that it would be helpful for others if this feature is implemented in the API.



Hi Shekhar,

Thanks for your feedback, and glad you found a solution for this via your script! We’re happy to look into this as a built-in feature request for a future update to TestRail as well.