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Creating custom test runs with predefined test suites for reuse?

I have many different test suites and cases, all for different scenarios or uses. However, there are often combinations of suites/cases that we reuse (even multiple times a day). Every time we need to do this, we recreate the same test run with the same exact suites and cases which is very repetitive. Is there a way of just creating a custom test run for scenario #1, for example, so whenever I need that combination of suites/cases I can just click “Scenario #1 Test Run” and avoid having to do the same thing each time?

Hi @shaysdays,
it’s not on me to judge your proposal, but I have 3 other ideas to fulfill your requirements as I get them from your lines above.

I never had the request to repeat the completely same tests, therefore I never tried, but have you checked the rerun functionality of a run (or plan). As far as I know, it will exectly do this for you.

For Version 6.2 Beta Gurock has announced a “New Dynamic Filter Test Run Type”. If you can use this filter, it will probably help you.

If people complain about such manual repetitions, I usually ask them to automate them. Using the TestRail API it is an easy task to copy test runs or even a complete plan or to create new runs with a list of cases, probably with defined id’s in an excel for easy editing.

Well, probably I didn’t get your point in detail, but help yourself. :sunglasses: