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Creating baseline in a project using API



Is there a way to create a baseline under a particular project using testrail API ?
Which one is it ?


Hi Madhura,

Thanks for your post! There currently isn’t an API for baselines, so you would always need to create these within the UI (as this requires some separate configurations to choose from when creating these, and it shouldn’t be very often that baseline automation/creation is needed). That said, we’re happy to look into adding API support for this as well for a future update to TestRail. Hope this helps!


Milestones and Baselines


(Bringing this thread back to life.) Are there plans to add ‘baseline’ features to the API? Like, get_baselines, copy_baseline, delete_baseline, etc.

I just looked over the REST API and didn’t see anything ‘baseline’ related so I thought I would ask.

Thank you,
Jonny P.