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Creating a Link inside a text-field


Is there some type of special character I can use to create a link inside a textfield in a testcase?

I’d love to put in a comment a link to another testcase that when clicked on would take me to the linked testcase. But not sure how to go about doing that.

I know I can use inline-html but a simple @123456 or something would be much nicer.



Hi Jim,

Yes, this is possible and you can use the following syntax for this:


TestRail will replace this with a link to the test case with ID 17. Other supported entities are:

  • S (suites)
  • R (runs/plans)
  • T (tests)
  • M (milestones)
  • P (projects)

I hope this helps!



Superbly awesome! I thought I remember reading in the DOCs about this but couldn’t find it when I searched again. This works perfectly. Thank you!


Hi Jim!

Great to hear that this works for you :slight_smile: