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Create Test Plan with API, using selection filters?

Hi all, currently we manually create all of our test plans. We use the selection filters to make sure the correct test cases end up in each run within the plan.

I’m trying to use the API to do this automatically, but it seems like your only options for including cases within a suite in a plan is to either include all test cases, or give an explicit list of test cases to include. Neither of these solutions works for our needs, because we include thousands of test cases, and the list changes relatively frequently. These changes are captured automatically by the selection filters though. So if it was possible to use the selection filters with the API, it would work fine.

Is there any way to do this right now?

Hi @nhibshman,

afaik it is not possible. As you already mentioned, it is only possible to use all cases of a suite or list them up to create a run.

But, the second option offers you the possibility to creste the list by yourself. If you’re fine with the system fields, custom field are not available right now, you can use get_cases.

There are some request filters available who will help you to fetch the right cases. Probably this is a practical workaround for you. Even without the filters you can get the complete lists of cases and filter by yourself.

Of course this cost you effort and some additional calls, but you usually don’t create run on an hourly basis…

And yes, would be nice to have the ability to pass a filter to add_run / update run,… :sunglasses: