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Create Test Cases that belongs to different test sections inside a Test Plan


Currently, the only way i have found to associate test cases to a Test Plan is in the following steps:

Given i have used Test sections to group my test by my web app areas

  1. Create Test case inside the desired test section.
  2. Create on the other hand Test plan i need .
  3. Select one by one, navigating different test sections, the desired test cases.
  4. If i need a new test case to add to the test plan, i should go to the test suite, add the test case, go back to the test plan, navigate the test sections to add the lucky test case i have just added.

Is there any other easy workflow to have this done ?
If no won’t it be easier to just make it possible to create directly a test case inside the test plan ?

Thank you


Hi Sara,

Thanks for your post! Currently you wouldn’t be able to add a test case directly from the test plan view/creation page. That said, you can quickly open the Test Cases page in a new tab in your web browser, and from there add any new test cases that you need. Once they’ve been created, you can just close that tab and proceed to adding your test cases to your test plan/run. We’re also happy to look into options for creating new test cases in other areas of TestRail as well. Hope this helps!



Thank for your fast reply;

This what i have been doing;

Sorry if i insist by i really find it very uneasy this way;

Even to have an ‘assign’ of the test plan inside the test case, as a reference, so we may not have to go back to the tab of the test plan to assign the added test case.

Do you think it is inappropriate ?

Thanks again!


Hi Sara,

Thank you for the follow up. It does seem that it would possibly make this process a little easier if you could simply assign these test cases appropriately without having to go through the extra steps. As Marco pointed out, we are happy to look into options for creating new test cases in other areas of TestRail for a future release.