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Create test case in testrail from Jira issue

I wanted to check if there is a way of automating the test creation in Testrail with information copied from a Jira issue. I want to automatically populate fields, like title, pre-conditions, test steps and expected results. Currently there is an “Add Test Case in testrail” button in Jira, but that creates a blank form in test rail (only the reference field is copied from Jira). I need an ability to copy other fields, too. Is there a way to extend the functionality of “Add Test Case” button in this integration?

If not, would be possible through some APIs or through the automation of test case import features in testrail?

Hi Ram,

Thank you for posting! Adding TestRail test cases from Jira would only bring over the reference as you’re seeing. Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to populate data from a Jira issue into a test case when using the ‘Add Test Case’ button. The TestRail for Jira Add-on does not have a configuration for mapping your Jira fields to a test case field when using this button. That said, I have added your vote to our feature request for enhancements to the Jira add-on and integration which helps us to prioritize internally.

I hope this helps!